Business Loan

A small business loan, also known as a commercial loan, is a loan product designed especially for investment in a business. These loans can either be secured by collateral or be unsecured, based on the amount needed, the type of loan and the relationship between the business and the lender.

advantages of business loan

small business loan eligibility criteria

documents required for business loan

Identity Proof

Identity Proof

For a company, firm or individual -

A valid identity proof

PAN card

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Voter ID card

Ration card



Driving license

Identity Proof

Bank Statements

Latest bank Statements for

last 6 month

Identity Proof

Income Documents

This should include the latest ITR

along with the computation of

income, balance sheet, profit and

loss account for the Past two years.

This has to be submitted after the

requisite CA certification

Identity Proof

Proof of continuation


Trade license


Sales tax certificate

Identity Proof

Other Documents

Sole proprietorship declaration

or certified copy of the

partnership deed, certified

true copy of the memorandum

& articles of assoclation

(certified by the company director )

and the board resolution

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